working for the unemployed

Success Stories Link of Love – Hanover Park

Athwood Primary dreams of a Resource Centre

Every gift given to our various schools on the Link of Love programme, is received with deep gratitude. Whether it is days of work, items of clothing or household goods, nothing goes to waste in this community. New principal, Gavin Alkana is filled with hope for his school. “Our school is still seen to be lagging by the Department of Education. They wanted to close...

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Teaching from her Heart

Janice Phillips knows all about heartache. 18 months ago, she lost her daughter, then aged 27. But Janice had lost her daughter to drugs and alcohol many, many years prior. Unemployed and heartsore, she decided to step in and volunteer at her other children’s school as a way to facilitate her own healing. And that is how she became a part of the Link of Love...

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Hanover Park – helping young and old

All the schools in Hanover Park are wonderfully active with Link of Love in full flow! At present we are supporting Crystal High School, Blomvlei Primary, Athwood Primary, Voorspoed Primary. ATHWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL was absolutely delighted with their donation of yellow, printed T shirts from Dragon Sports. Headmaster, Rosdien Desai says “Well you can’t miss the kids...

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HANOVER PARK ELDERLY : still smiling in the face of aching bodies!

Link of Love treated the old people of Ryburg Terrace to an unforgettable morning in December. They started off with an “Ageless Grace” class, moving to music while seated in their chairs (and even their wheelchairs). Then it was time for a chatty tea party, followed by hand massages for everyone and a closing circle. There were many smiles….and...

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HANOVER PARK SCHOOLS : Still smiling big in the face of near closure!

Vandals, thieves, graffiti sprayers, tik smokers : the schools of Hanover Park are constantly plagued. During the holidays, thieves stole School Feeding supplies, classroom donations and athletic kit from Blomvlei Primary…… and caused thousands of Rands worth of damage. In 2012 our local press ran many stories about schools being closed down. Athwood...

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For months and months, Voorspoed Primary School has been plagued by break ins petty thieves stealing everything from all the computer cabling, to copper pipes and even the coloured pencils in the pre school classrooms! Principal Jennifer Lodewyks never loses faith “Sometimes our schools look more like jails that schools” she says. “We have to put...

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