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HANOVER PARK SCHOOLS : Still smiling big in the face of near closure!

Principal-Desai-with-happy-pupilsVandals, thieves, graffiti sprayers, tik smokers : the schools of Hanover Park are constantly plagued. During the holidays, thieves stole School Feeding supplies, classroom donations and athletic kit from Blomvlei Primary…… and caused thousands of Rands worth of damage.

In 2012 our local press ran many stories about schools being closed down. Athwood Primary School was one of the schools reported, the reason being ongoing theft and vandalism. But at the last minute it was “saved” thanks to the parents stepping in to assist with an ongoing “schools watch” programme.

DreamWorker is really happy to welcome Athwood Primary onto the Link of Love programme. Principal Rosdien Desai says “this is one of the oldest schools in our community. Our Grade One teacher has been here for over 20 years. It would have been a shame to close our school, but the department had had enough of the break ins week in and week out.  We decided to take our school back from the vandals. We now have parents living here at the school to guard it at night. We are even able to keep tabs on the people who just come and dump their rubble illegally outside the school.”

Learners-at-Athwood-happy-that-their-school-stayed-openPrincipal Rosdien is determined to make Athwood a shining example of community in action in Hanover Park. He is very excited about Link of Love and plans to have parents who cannot pay their fees assisting in the classrooms and grounds, in order to be able to do so.

His short term dream is to see the Athwood children have their own sports kit. “We want to shine at Interschools this year. Can anyone out there sponsor us some black shorts and yellow T shirts. About R20 a shirt?

Please take up the challenge and make a child (and a principal) smile at Athwood today! After all, it clearly states “winners” on the school mural, so let’s make that a reality!

Athwood-Rosdien Blomvlei-Dawn Voorspoed-Jennifer