working for the unemployed

Funders & Donors


We extend our gratitude to our current funders, without whose help we could not sustain DreamWorker.


The Douglas Murray Trust is a funder of public benefit organisations and aims to- in partnership with its grantees- create an ethical and enabling environment where human needs and aspirations are met; and every person is given the proper opportunity to fulfil his or her potential, for both personal benefit and for that of the wider community.”


DreamWorker’s Head Office is also currently part funded by an anonymous benefactor, who is deeply appreciative of the important positive impact that the DreamWorker team offers to unemployed people in their time of need. A funder, who is unconditionally supportive of our work and who, like us, understands the value of “building a better world, one job at a time”.


We extend our gratitude to the following companies and individuals who have donated time, expertise and office items to DreamWorker:


Inspiration Advertising: DreamWorker TV spot (copy, concept and creative direction) and original brochure. All pro bono. Tel (021) 761 1388


Blackbox Studios – DreamWorker TV spot (photography to final production) Tel 083 4015269


The Sirdar Group: percentage of conference/workshop fees donated to DreamWorker. Tel (021) 403 6334



Lewis Stores is funding Link of Love, Hanover Park. Tel 021 – 460 4536