working for the unemployed

Success Stories Link of Love – Athlone

This playground needs some benches

It was only when we made a delivery of brand new school shoes which were donated to some of the children at Heatherdale Primary, that we realised that there was a solitary bench in the playground! These lovely young girls enjoyed crowding around it for their photo, but probably do not have much chance to sit there on an average day. Imagine a school FULL of...

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Hope for Heatherdale

HEATHERDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL is delighted to be a part of the Link of Love programme. Co-ordinator, Jacky van der Hyde-Adams is so excited that the school hall is finally being repainted with the help of Melvin Jacobus, who is currently unemployed and grateful to have several days of work again. “We have so many improvements up our sleeve but we need help. Our next...

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