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Success Stories Atlantis

Atlantis Office Disbanded

DreamWorker is no longer receiving funding for the Atlantis office. We have therefore been forced to close our operation, despite outstanding growth. We thank all those who have been involved to date and are grateful for the help given to the many unemployed in the area.

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Making Rands and “Sense” in Atlantis

Ashwin Scheffers had been unemployed for over a year when he heard about DreamWorker. He was at a low point in his life, feeling frustrated and hopeless. Imagine his delight when he was selected as one of 20 lucky DreamWorker candidates to be offered a six month contract at Hi Sense. Ashwin is part of their Skills Development Programme, aimed at assisting and...

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Sending Unemployment Packing!

Lorraine Petersen and Gaynor Fray share one fabulous quality – tenacity! Both these ladies were unemployed moms for well over a year. But both were determined to find work. They did not visit DreamWorker just once. They knocked and called and knocked again.  And today, they are both working as packers at Brits Textiles in Atlantis. Both started off on trial but...

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Community Outreach Projects

The Atlantis DreamTeam has been very busy with community outreach projects, informing and advising the community in various ways. This has resulted in numerous collaborative projects with other NGO’s, in an attempt to uplift the people of Atlantis as well as the surrounding areas. Darling was one of the areas targeted. Half of the community is currently unemployed...

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Moving Boxes, Bottles and more

When his contract work at Checkers ended, Donovan Bester, like so many people in Atlantis, really battled to find further employment. For 3 long years he remained unemployed, until a colleague told him about DreamWorker. That is how he came to find himself working fulltime at Diamond Liquors. “I cannot thank DreamWorker enough for helping me find work. I am learning...

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Dreams and wishes come true for Linley

When Linley Lightburn, single mom of two, received the news from the DreamTeam Atlantis that she had been accepted at I Postit, she screamed with joy. Linley has been unemployed since 2011, so her delight was palpable and she could not say thank you enough! During her time of unemployment, Linley chose to work as a volunteer. She is a community orientated woman, who...

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