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Success Stories Link of Love – Delft

Gateway Primary needs your helping hand!

The word Gateway implies that there is a pathway ahead. An assumed opening up into something exciting. But for Gateway Primary School the path is paved with struggle. Gateway is situated in Delft, in a severely impoverished community. The area is barren and windswept, in the heart of the Cape Flats, with litter, graffiti and hardly a tree in sight. Gateway was set...

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Linking hands at Gateway

GATEWAY PRIMARY SCHOOL (formerly Abedare Primary 2) is also using their Link of Love funds to help with security. Their funding from the Dept of Public Works ceased suddenly. Being a school made up of prefab buildings, means they are really vulnerable to crime. Groups of unemployed parents are volunteering to patrol the school…..and will receive a small...

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DELFT : Still smiling big in the face of massive overcrowding!

Abedare Primary School no 2 was built as an overflow school for Abedare Primary no 1. With Delft being one of the fastest growing areas on the Cape Flats, after just one year, it too is already filled to overflowing! On the day we visited, the temperatures were soaring and the wind was sweeping sand, sand and more sand across the open land behind the prefab...

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Abedare Primary (2) School was only opened in January 2012, to take the “overflow” from Abedare Primary. It is a humble school, with a huge heartbeat. Principal, Mr David Joseph, was lured out of retirement to be the proud leader of this new school. He is delighted with the progress made to date, but cannot wait to see the prefab structures turned into...

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