working for the unemployed

DELFT : Still smiling big in the face of massive overcrowding!

Abedare Primary School no 2 was built as an overflow school for Abedare Primary no 1.

With Delft being one of the fastest growing areas on the Cape Flats, after just one year, it too is already filled to overflowing!

On the day we visited, the temperatures were soaring and the wind was sweeping sand, sand and more sand across the open land behind the prefab buildings. If that was not enough, we were told about the desperate overcrowding, with every class having 60 plus students to just one teacher.

Owen Williams, Link of Love co-ordinator shared with us “Link of Love was a real blessing last year. We had parents who worked and paid off all their school fees. We are desperate for more help. Right now, owing to excessive registrations, we have 116 Grade One pupils with a single teacher! Until the Department sorts us out, we have to use the parents to assist”.

One parent who managed to pay off her fees is Nathalie Wheeler, who has 3 children in the school. “I just love children” she told us. “I am going to carry on working as a volunteer here because they need the help so much. And if I can get some payment from Link of Love that will be a real help as my husband is currently unemployed too. My dream would be to be a full time teacher aide every day!”


Volunteer parent Nathalie Wheeler with Nathaniel and Antonio


Too many children, too little space


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