working for the unemployed

Moving Boxes, Bottles and more

donovanbesterWhen his contract work at Checkers ended, Donovan Bester, like so many people in Atlantis, really battled to find further employment. For 3 long years he remained unemployed, until a colleague told him about DreamWorker. That is how he came to find himself working fulltime at Diamond Liquors.

“I cannot thank DreamWorker enough for helping me find work. I am learning new things here every day. They took me on to do the merchandising and ordering but now I am learning how to operate the tills as well” he enthused.

His manager, Dean Petersen, is equally delighted. “Donovan works so well on his own and never needs supervision. He is such an all rounder and learns quickly. I have no doubt he will be managing this store himself one day!”

Donovan hopes that many more people in his community will be helped by DreamWorker. “Never stop looking. Never give up. Attitude is everything” is his personal motto.

Now that is a motto worth sharing with every person who visits our offices!