working for the unemployed

Community Outreach Projects


Candidates being registered in Darling


Maxwell at the XTreme Youth expo with Charlene from West Coast College Nov 2013

The Atlantis DreamTeam has been very busy with community outreach projects, informing and advising the community in various ways. This has resulted in numerous collaborative projects with other NGO’s, in an attempt to uplift the people of Atlantis as well as the surrounding areas.
Darling was one of the areas targeted. Half of the community is currently unemployed and people struggle to simply put food on their tables.
As a result of DreamWorker’s efforts, Nimre Abrahams started at the West Coast College with a Carpentry Apprenticeship and Yolanda Maarman was offered a contract Job at World Vision.  DreamWorker has now formed a partnership with the Darling Outreach Foundation and will continue to register candidates on a monthly basis from the area
Further collaboration between DreamWorker and the West Coast College has resulted in the DreamTeam sourcing young people from Atlantis, Witsand and Darling to do a 3 year Carpentry Apprenticeship. It is a learn and earn programme, with each apprentice receiving a R1 500 stipend. Once their apprenticeship is over these candidates will do their trade test to become qualified carpenters. And who knows what doors will be open for them thereafter. Hopefully many!