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Teaching from her Heart


High fives from Janice Phillip’s Grade 5’s

Janice Phillips knows all about heartache. 18 months ago, she lost her daughter, then aged 27. But Janice had lost her daughter to drugs and alcohol many, many years prior. Unemployed and heartsore, she decided to step in and volunteer at her other children’s school as a way to facilitate her own healing. And that is how she became a part of the Link of Love programme at Athwood Primary School.

“I have been given the children from troubled families to take care of. They are my special Grade 5 superstars!” she smiles gently. “My own daughter was deeply troubled. I know that I can make a difference to these young children’s lives. Telling them my story, sharing how I lost my daughter to drugs, sharing how she even took my wedding ring for drug money, these stories touched them deeply. We shed many tears together. And now we are able to share our dreams and our joy too. We have been vulnerable and there is a special kind of connection that happens from that”.

Janice may not have all the paperwork to make her a qualified teacher. But a teacher she most certainly IS. And she teaches from the place it counts most. Her gentle heart.

We are really proud to have Janice as part of our Link of Love team assisting the children at Athwood Primary.


The energy of the young…no matter what!


High fives from Janice Phillips Grade fives