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Success Stories Link of Love – Hanover Park

News from Link of Love Hanover Park

The “Parents Working for School Fees” programme is in full swing again after the Easter school holidays. Voorspoed Primary is still being supported and we now have a new High School on board Crystal High. Headmaster, Dino Abrahams is so grateful for the help being received from parents working on the programme. “Just this week I had 4 teachers...

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Amina Burgher’s dream for her community

Community worker, Amina Burgher has lived in Hanover Park most of her adult life and is deeply committed to community upliftment. She is the hands on co-ordinator of the Working for School Fees project and has a huge vision for the unemployed of Hanover Park. “My dream is that every time a person rings my doorbell desperate for money, I will be able to put...

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Link of Love Ladies Pamper Party

Imagine 35 women gathered in the Blomvlei Primary School Hall. With all 35 sharing two things in common: 1. They have worked on the Link of Love programme. 2. They are all unemployed. The DreamWorker Link of Love team decided to honour these women for all their love, nurturing and endless giving with a special morning of pampering on 13 December. It all started off...

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Blomvlei blossoms with help from Link of Love

The nation’s flag flies proudly in the centre of the dusty expanse of playground at Blomvlei Primary School. No lush school fields, treed lunch areas or tarred driveways for parents to drive up to school and drop off their children. This is the harsh reality of schooling on the Cape Flats. Windswept, dry and a daily challenge for many parents to simply pay...

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Parents Working for School Fees

DreamWorker is continuing its initiatives to help the unemployed of Hanover Park. The “Parents Working for School Fees” programme, as part of Link of Love, has helped many parents who are struggling with school fees. An unemployed person can work at their child’s school for a R100 Link of Love voucher. R50 goes to school fees and they take R50...

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Hope still springs in this garden

On her rounds through the community, Amina chanced about the most beautiful garden. Working there, as volunteers were Patrick “Tamatie” Wentzel and Errol van Wyk, both unemployed. Amina signed them up to Link of Love and then found out more about this magic garden in the middle of an area of Hanover Park known for its extreme poverty and gang...

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