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News from Link of Love Hanover Park

The “Parents Working for School Fees” programme is in full swing again after the Easter school holidays. Voorspoed Primary is still being supported and we now have a new High School on board Crystal High.

dino-abrahmas-crystal-high-schoolHeadmaster, Dino Abrahams is so grateful for the help being received from parents working on the programme. “Just this week I had 4 teachers absent” he shared. “Having Diane and Shireen on Link of Love has taken an enormous burden off my shoulders as we are already so short staffed. Thank you DreamWorker for this fantastic programme which is helping me with staff and more importantly, helping our unemployed parents pay their fees!”

Diane Constable has been unemployed for about 4 years now. But that has not stopped her contributing in her community. She has discovered a passion for helping kids at school and she can be found volunteering at Crystal High School, Monday to Friday.

crystal-high-pupil-aljeanh-fickBut she still needs to pay her own school fees as she has 3 kids in high school. Diane’s dream is to be a social worker, teaching life skills to children. She is a dynamic woman who has founded the Hanover Park social development forum, a volunteer community group. Link of Love is all about this kind of circle of support – as Diane reaches out to the children every single day, we will reach out to her and ensure that she receives enough R100 vouchers to pay off her fees for the year. Thank you for being a ray of light to the leaders of tomorrow Diane!

shireen-peters-sharing-her-loveShireen Peters, like so many Capetonians, was employed for many years in the clothing industry. But, like so many, her factory work was terminated and she has been unemployed for 7 years now. Feeling herself slip into despair, she began to work in the community as a volunteer. And discovered her true passion!  She opens her eyes every morning and the first question she asks is “Where can I help today?” She loves working at Crystal High as a classroom assistant and believes that the greatest gift we can give teenage children is an ear to listen to and an open heart. “I just want to be there for a child” she says “not only my own. Any child, no matter who. This is what really inspires me! Thank you Link of Love for helping me pay for my own child to be at this school. It is a real relief knowing my school fees will soon be paid up!”