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Voorspoed Primary gets 3 pairs of helping hands!

Roger ManuelJeff ManuelNathan BarnesJennifer Lodewyk  5A_handful_of_the_1_100_Voorspoed_Primary_childrenMost of us can hardly take care of a handful of children. But Jennifer Lodewyks, has recently taken on the task of being headmistress to 1 100 children at Voorspoed Primary School! Voorspoed Primary educates many children from the poorest parts of Hanover Park. Having taught at the school for 34 years, Jennifer understands the desperate needs in the community and is hugely supportive of  Link of Love.

When the school’s caretaker was injured, there was no funding for a replacement. Happily, Link of Love could offer Jennifer much needed help in the form of 3 young unemployed young men – all 3 of them past pupils of the school! Jeff, Roger and Nathan stepped in to help with gardening, sweeping, cleaning the grounds and toilets, general maintenance and window cleaning.

All three young men felt proud to come back and help at their school. They have fond memories, but dreams too to study further, to learn spray painting, carpentry or electrical engineering. But in order to do that, they need to work and earn.

Jennifer’s dream is to see her schoolchildren educated in proper buildings, not prefabs and to send them out into the world with strong basic values, so that what we teach here will not be in vain.

As we network, so the links of love go on and on and on…