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Voorspoed Primary – from prefab to permanent structure


Gail Davids watches the ever growing pile of boxes with excitement (and a little dread for the months ahead!)


Voorspoed Primary still has many older, prefab buildings. While renovations are always disruptive, acting principal Sybil Hendricks and office manager, Gail Davids are very excited about the proposed new buildings.

“For now, our focus is on packing up and getting ourselves into even smaller boxes than our existing school office. It will be container for us for a while” laughs Gail!

Acting principal Sybil Hendricks

Acting principal Sybil Hendricks

Voorspoed is home to some of the poorest children in the community. All donations are so gladly received and distributed among those who need them most.

With the upcoming renovations at the school, security is a primary need. All Link of Love funds donated to the school will be used to fund security for both the children and the premises.voorspoedthought


With almost 1 000 learners at the school, renovations are bound to be somewhat disruptive!