working for the unemployed

Tumbling into a new job

anthea-barkhuis-happily-at-work-at-pinewashWhen Michelle Hendricks desperately needed another assistant to cope with the demands of her growing home laundry business, PineWash, she turned to DreamWorker.

Anthea had been unemployed for over 2 years, before she registered with DreamWorker. “I was working in an aluminium factory, but then I lost my job. I really tried to find work, but there was nothing out there for me.”

Anthea came to register with DreamWorker in Athlone and was one of the lucky ones  that same week Michelle requested somebody with a vibrant personality, who could interact with customers, as well as handle the washing and ironing.

“At PineWash I have a philosophy” says Michelle. “I treat other peoples’ washing the way I treat my own. With care! If someone likes their seams ironed on the outside leg, we do that. If another likes it down the centre, we do that.”

Despite having come from a factory environment and a very”masculine” world, Anthea has fitted in at PineWash from day one. “I am part of the family here. After all, I am working in their home” she says. “It is so peaceful compared to the factory. We are a team and I am valued. In the factory it was rough. People were angry and even I ended up swearing most days. But here I have learned about respect, caring and sharing”.

Michelle cannot speak highly enough of Anthea. “She has a lovely sunny personality. I am a straight talking person and no matter how many challenges we face, Anthea never sulks. She is a quick learner, trustworthy and totally reliable. My business is literally in my home. Anthea gets on famously with my family from my kids to my parents!”

Michelle is also a DreamWorker fan. “They didn’t just send me anybody. They took a careful brief. Anthea may have worked in a factory before, but she “clicked’ beautifully in my business. And because DreamWorker is grant and donation funded, they did not charge me any fees for finding Anthea. They simply asked for a donation and by not pressurising me with fees I feel I want to donate to this really worthy cause. DreamWorker and Pinewash are a real win win!”

Anthea has the final word of advice for people who are unemployed. “Keep looking. Never give up. Have faith that things will get better. And always be truly grateful for whatever good you have in your life. I know I am!”