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Starke Ayres Training Programme for Gardeners

FreddyMiyaStarke Ayres Garden Centre on Liesbeeck Parkway, runs a monthly training course for gardeners. They learn about different types of soil, what makes up compost, mulch and manure, how to cut back plants, how to deal with plants that have special needs (shade or acid soil) and how to maintain lawns.

vusumzidyantiDreamWorker recently approached the Garden Centre management to sponsor training for unemployed gardeners. They very kindly agreed to help out and 2 gardeners are being sent every month for training. The courses are held in either Xhosa or English, so participants are sure to understand the detail fully.

Pictured here are Freddy Miya and Vusumzi Dyanti, who thoroughly enjoyed their training and can’t wait to find employment as gardeners, so they can get some “hands on” experience with fertilizers, compost and pruning shears!