working for the unemployed

Paying it Forward

averil-wicks-bgAveril is blessed to be a person who just loves working. Having been a front end supervisor in the retail world for years, she felt it was time to harness her entrepreneurial spirit and fly solo. So she started her own business, driving children home after school. But Averil could not sustain her family on her earnings and found herself desperately needing full time work again. She also wanted a change from the “mega retailers”.

Averil registered with DreamWorker and kept coming back week after week, popping in to see what was on offer. It is this drive and enthusiasm, combined with her wonderful ability to self manage, that led to Averil becoming the manager of the Animal Rescue Shop in Bergvliet.

Averil bubbles over when speaking about her work ” I just love my job. I meet people here from all over the place, shoppers and donors. I love the responsibility Animal Rescue gives me, from managing the cash, to pricing items. It is all up to me to decide. This is where my heart is whether I am consoling someone who lost their animal recently or helping a person choose an item of clothing. Everything I do has meaning and I could not have imagined a more wonderful place to work!”

And then she adds “I cannot thank DreamWorker enough. They found me the perfect job, one that allows me to make a big difference in the world by helping animals, yet also gives me the ability to support my own family. To me that is a perfect mix!”