working for the unemployed

One Life Changed

rachmat3Rachmat Ismail had been unemployed for just on 2 years, when she arrived at DreamWorker in 2010.   Rachmat worked for many years doing administration, invoicing, data capture and more. So it came as quite a shock to find herself retrenched after 10 years’ loyal service!

Being positive and not given to feeling sorry for herself, Rachmat made ends meet by making and selling doughnuts in her community. But it was a stressful road to travel.

One happy day, she received a call to go for an interview at AK Wholesalers as the receptionist in their newest store. The job was hers!

rachmat2As Rachmat explains, “I was so nervous at first. Most of my working life I had been in the back area, so to speak. Suddenly I was at the front desk, answering calls, speaking to customers and even dealing with staff on an ongoing basis as they clock in and out at my desk. This is a retail environment and it is busy, busy! But I found myself more capable than I believed previously. I have grown as a person and taken on new responsibilities with AK, even working out the wages for our staff. I love the variety and daily challenges of this position”.

She advises people who are unemployed: “Whatever you do, don’t sit and mope at home. Go and help someone else, just DO something, anything, to keep yourself motivated and inspired. If you lose faith in yourself, you are in trouble”. She ends off by adding “I am so grateful to DreamWorker for helping me to believe in myself and sending me for a position that has really stretched me!”