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None of the usual “daily grind” for Shafiek

Shafiek LakayWhen Shafiek Lakay was retrenched from a retail clothing store in 2013, he found himself on the DreamWorker doorstep. Within a short space of time, Shafiek was offered a position at Oryx Desert Salt.

CEO Samantha Skyring, tells the story…… “I had a strong sense from the first telephone interview that I liked Shafiek and that I would employ him. The rest, as they say, is history.

Shafiek jumped in and immersed himself fully from the outset, applying the knowledge he had gained throughout his career diligently and professionally and besides that, committing himself fully to his work.  He entrenched himself firmly in the business and by embracing the Oryx Values he set both the standard and the example for any new employee.

We appreciate Shafiek developing and growing along with the business, and while this is not always the easiest journey, we have no doubt he is up for the challenge! Shafiek is a pivotal member of our team”.

Shafiek loves his work, in particular the opportunity to roll up his sleeves and step in wherever needed. As a natural multi tasker, this capacity to tackle any new challenge, has suited him perfectly. And kept him stimulated, so work is certainly no “daily grind” for him!

Samantha concludes “Thank you DreamWorker – we so appreciate your help, specifically for the fact that you ask the right questions in order to ensure appropriate placements from the outset”.

And Shafiek adds his thanks too ….”before I could even fully realise I was retrenched, I found myself firmly settled in at Oryx. And what a team to settle into!”