working for the unemployed

News from Link of Love Gugulethu

bongiwe-rafa-outside-aftercarevukuhambe-disability-centre-1The team at community organisation, Yizani Sakhe, has been actively helping the unemployed in a myriad ways thanks to Link of Love. Here are just a few….

These disabled people at Vukuhambe Disability school were helped by Nondumiso Mazwi, an unemployed single mom of 3 boys. The bathroom areas were in serious need of cleaning and the lounge was massively untidy. But Nondumiso did not rest until everything was sparkling clean!


2nombulelo-madolo-april-2012Nombulelo Madolo is a single parent, unemployed and living in a leaking shack. She has been battling to find work for 3 years. Her greatest heartache is that her son, in Grade 4 does not have a proper school uniform, as she simply does not have the money required. She is hoping to buy at least some part of his uniform with the funds earned from her Link of Love employment!




thembela-flekiGranny Mary Mbiza was found by the Yizani Sakhe team in a house that was in a shocking state. It was discovered that Granny Mary had been staying with her friend, but when the friend passed away, she was left alone and destitute. She was supposed to be cared for by her friends children but sadly they took her grant money and gave her nothing in return. (Yizani Sakhe has since intervened and her grant money is now secure).

Thembela Fleki was a ray of light in Granny Mary’s life. Thembela is unemployed and is supported by her daughter. She has undertaken the loving task of raising her late sister’s two sons. Thembela was so happy to lend a caring hand to Granny Mary – she springcleaned every corner and prepared some good meals for her too! Granny Mary and Thembela Fleki are truly a shining example of “Link of Love in action”!


Granny Mary’s house on arrival


Granny Mary with her things now neatly arranged