working for the unemployed

Old folk in Gugulethu are so blessed


Sometimes life just weighs too heavily when you are old and lonely

The old folk in Gugulethu are so blessed to have care from our Link of Love team. More extracts (verbatim) from our latest report from them….

Mrs Dingiswayo: Ny 70 no 9 Gugulethu
She was so excited to see us. She was crying and praying to God that she wants to die because she is staying alone. She needs counselling. All her family is dead. The house was very dirty and Mrs Dingiswayo can’t walk. She needs someone to bring food for her.

Mrs Majokaweni : Ny 56 no 26 Gugulethu
Most of the time she is alone as her daughter is working. She was so happy when she sees us coming to clean her house. She thanks God for bringing us and the stick for helping her for walking.


It may not seem that much, but R100 makes a wonderful difference to these unemployed people. And they in turn get to help the elderly in their community!


all in a day’s hard work, helping the old folks of Gugulethu