working for the unemployed

Help us to get Hout Bay working campaign


DreamWorker dreams of seeing zero unemployment in Hout Bay!

The residents of Hout Bay are quite accustomed to scores of unemployed men looking for work lining the traffic light intersection at Suikderbossie Drive.

So they were most surprised to see DreamWorker pamphlet distributors happily handing out flyers, with caps and boards announcing that they had work for the day!


Blessing Majoba and fieldworker Darylene Sherwood handing out leaflets to a Hout Bay motorist

Awareness is growing rapidly in the Hout Bay community with more and more people finding good work opportunities through the efforts of fieldworker Darylene Sherwood and the DreamTeam at head office. Let’s hope that 2014 is going to be the year of employment for many, many more Hout Bay people.