working for the unemployed

Having “sew” much fun at work! – Maureen Smith

MaureenWhen Maureen Smith arrived at DreamWorker she had been unemployed for 2 years. Having worked for Lancashire Manufacturing as a machinist for 23 years, finding a job for herself was not her best skill!!

Maureen-and-MichelleMaureen came across as a mature, committed and friendly woman in her interview. Her willing attitude and real desire to work, plus her strong belief in her own organizational skills, her neatness of work and her ability to work unsupervised, shone through.

Maureen’s first job through DreamWorker was as a domestic worker, just one day a week, a job she still retains. It was a huge relief for her to be back at work, but we knew it would not be enough. Then came Maureen’s lucky break.

Michelle Johns was desperate for a machinist for her home embroidery business. When she met Ronald at the Constantia Business Network, she told him that she desperately needed someone to help her. Maureen was taken on trial, but before long Michelle could see she was made for the job.

“I waited so long for the right person. Maureen is perfect for this work. She is eager, helpful, excited to learn new things and loves working. I know we are going to grow together. I trained her on how to use the machine and computer and she not only learnt quickly, but even came up with some of her own ideas! My dream is to have a retail outlet in a shopping centre one day, doing personalize embroidery. And I would love to have Maureen with me still!”

Maureen smiles broadly as she sets up yet another design on a cap. “DreamWorker has changed my life. I am working Monday to Saturday now and I feel secure again. I love interacting with people when they come in, seeing their excited faces when they receive the items I have embroidered. I have learnt so many new things, like how to use the computer. I also enjoy the peace and quiet here, that I can work alone without the constant pressure of factory work. I left Lancashire after so many years because I was so unhappy there. Here I am so happy. I am truly grateful to Michelle for this opportunity.”