working for the unemployed

From intern to part of our DreamTeam

raymond-ackerman-academy…….”Charles Tshwane!”. I feel my eyes getting slightly tearful as his name is called out and he steps up to shake Raymond Ackerman’s hand and receive his certificate.

Charles Tshwane has been an intern with DreamWorker since February this year. Tonight he is graduating, one of just 24 students who completed the micro MBA programme offered by the Raymond Ackerman Academy. The fact that this young man has managed to complete this entrepreneurship programme is testimony to his endless courage.

Charles passed his matric exams in Limpopo … at the age of 16! From then on it was uphill all the way.  He wanted to study further but had to find work instead, as his family was unable to support him.

Charles is a real inspiration. He never sees obstacles, just opportunities and he grabs every opportunity with both hands. “I left Jo’burg with nothing” he says.”I was down to my last R900 and bought” my ticket to Cape Town for R400, with no idea how I would survive. I just knew I wanted to do the Entrepreneurship course and I would make it happen!”.

Charles is passionate about learning.  Doing the programme gave him endless new insights…..but also endless challenges! He came to DreamWorker to study our social entrepreneurship model. Office Manager, Tania Sisam, was bowled over by his willing attitude, his kindness, his enthusiasm for every task. Before long Charles had crept into everyone’s heart.

After he graduated DreamWorker surprised him with the news that we were needing another interviewer….. and offered him a full time post. This young man has the biggest smile at the best of times, but his smile was even bigger when he received the news.

“I am crazy about DreamWorker. The staff here all love their work and have an incredible way of interacting with people” he says.”Nobody feels invisible at DreamWorker. They all leave with a lighter step and hope in their hearts”.

Charles still has a long term dream of being a hugely successful entrepreneur. But it isn’t all just about personal success. “Business has to be aware of the impact that we are leaving behind. We must be responsible business people. I want to go back into the poor areas where I came from and help people who really need help there. I started an NGO in Limpopo some years ago and I want to continue helping the people in my home town.   It’s in my blood to help others. For now, DreamWorker is where I will be helping. With all my heart!”