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Even the wildest of dreams can come true: Zuleigha Bassier

zuleighaZuleigha Bassier heard from a friend that something was going down at the Community Hall in Hanover Park that Friday. When she arrived she saw a long queue and went home. But an inner voice told her to go back. She was part of the last remaining employees waiting to be interviewed. At that point, nobody wanted to go to the “gentleman” and she decided she would do so. That’s how she found herself sitting opposite Ronald. She shared that she was willing to do anything, even at a very low rate. She simply wanted to get back to a fulltime job. Ronald told her it was time to think higher of herself, time to expand her consciousness, time to set her sights on what she really wanted and deserved, to not sell herself short. When he finally asked her to share the dream for her life, she replied very clearly “I would really love to work for DreamWorker.” He told her there was nothing going at present but that he would bear her in mind. All she had to do was hold strongly onto the dream.

And not 48 hours later one of the temporary office assistants at DreamWorker announced her intention to continue her paralegal studies and Zuleigha received a call to come in for a second interview! Today, Zuleigha is working fulltime, interviewing potential employees every morning and data capturing every afternoon. A job tailormade for her which beautifully combines her love of people and her love of administration. Welcome aboard Zuleigha! Yes, dreams DO come true.