working for the unemployed

DreamWorker takes a new step

worker-readiness-ws1On Friday 24 February, DreamWorker took their first 22 candidates through a Worker Readiness programme. Everyone in the office pulled together to make the morning happen, but it was Office manager, Tania Sisam who led them through the course.

The energy was tangible in the room as participants explored and shared their own gifts and talents with one another, learning to open up and express their uniqueness to the world. There was time for learning about preparation of CV’s and how to make those gifts and talents shine on paper. There were pre interview tips and role plays in interview situations. And of course all the traditional “do’s and don’ts” once in the workplace were thoroughly explored!

worker-readiness-ws2worker-readiness-ws3Overall, the day was held together with caring, understanding, love and compassion. Each and every person walked away taller, with a deeper sense of value and the ability to make a bigger contribution in the world.

Tania Sisam really loved the experience. As she put it “Each person realised they were a beautiful soul. I felt so empowered giving each one the courage to go on. Every person left the room feeling that they were not alone and that they were so, so much more than their “unemployed” Facebook status!”