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DreamWorker brooms sweep clean in Gugulethu

Gugulethu-SchoolsIt’s one thing going back to school. It’s quite another going back to a school with stained floors, filthy windows and stinking bathrooms. Thanks to the combined efforts of DreamWorker and Yizani Sakhe, 6 schools in the Gugulethu area received a mini makeover recently. A team of previously unemployed people swooped onto their first school, armed with gloves, mops, cleaning aids and loads of enthusiasm to help clean up the very schools which their children attended.

“Word spreads fast when good deeds are being done in the community” said Bongiwe Rafa of Yizani Sakhe, a Gugulethu based community organization. “Our office was soon receiving calls from ALL the headmasters in the area, asking us to please come and help them spring clean too!”

She added: “Our schools are never cleaned properly. There simply isn’t any budget. Our children are trying to study in very unhygienic conditions, every day.”

For now, the 6 schools that had a makeover for the first term were delighted to welcome their children back to sparkling new classrooms, thanks to the DreamWorker Link of Love campaign.