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Dreaming of cooking up a storm: Andiswa Ngxito

andiswa1When Andiswa Ngxito arrived at the DreamWorker offices, she had 4 hungry mouths to feed at home and no employment. But she had two really important things on her side : great timing and superb references!

Andiswa was clearly someone with ambition and a lot of drive. As a single mom, she had to make sure that she did not slip into a state of hopelessness and despair, but kept focusing on building a life for herself and her children.

Initially DreamWorker found work for her as a domestic worker for 3 days a week. She was one of the lucky ones, smart enough to get good written references from previous employers.

Andiswa’s great passion is cooking. A few years ago she completed a baking course, which she really loved and this sparked her interest in food preparation further.

When DreamWorker received a call looking for someone to help out at Kalyan Herbal with soap making, Andiswa was a natural choice. The brief was to find “a person who is intelligent, only needs work part time, can follow a recipe with ease and is comfortable working in a kitchen.” The job would also involve wrapping and presenting the soap carefully, so the person also had to love beautiful things and be careful in handling packaging. Andiswa to a tee!

andiswa2Today Andiswa has work 5 days a week and is able to comfortably support herself and her children.  She is really enjoying the variety these two jobs offer her and is truly grateful for her fulltime employment.  She  knows that every day of a job well done, will count towards her future dream of having her own business in catering.

“Give me a recipe, give me a pot, give me the ingredients and I will make magic for you” she beams.

She has work, she has steady income, she has stability for her children and now she can focus fully on her own dream.  With her kind of commitment and energy, she is bound to make that dream come true one day.

Good luck Andiswa!

Andiswa’s story just gets better and better. Having started with Kalyan Herbal two days a week, they were so impressed with her they asked her to join the company full time. As this is a big “step up” from domestic work, Andiswa jumped at the chance. Lindiwe and Zukiswa happily took up the domestic worker positions she vacated, thus enabling two more unemployed womento begin their road to full time employment too!