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Building a brighter future – Boebie (Abubakar) Bassier

Boebie_Bassier_2Boebie_BassierBoebie Bassier is an exceptional man. He opted to remain at home and nurse his terminally ill wife, knowing it would cost him his job as an airconditioner technician. DreamWorker first came to know of Boebie (Abubakar) Bassier when he joined the Link of Love programme in Hanover Park. He was given piecemeal “workdays” to tend a tiny patch of garden for the elderly in the community, during his time of unemployment.

Boebie was featured in our last newsletter and shortly after mailing it out, his wife died. DreamWorker registered Boebie and within a short while he was offered a job helping with building renovations at a house in Woodstock.

His employer cannot praise him highly enough. “He is really capable, a positive spirited person, reliable and has so much enthusiasm. And versatile ; he can tile and paint, plaster and do carpentry”. Boebie is the second person she has employed through DreamWorker, having taken on Primrose Martin as a domestic worker a year ago.

Boebie is so grateful to have work again. “I am happy to be working, to keep my mind and my hands occupied, during my time of mourning. And I am so grateful that DreamWorker has found factory work for my 19 year old daughter too. My only wish is that I could have done more for my late wife…… but I did my best”.
And the garden? Boebie does his bit over the weekends to keep it thriving and to nurture all the plants that were donated to him after his wife’s death. The links go on ……