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Action All The Way With Action Volunteer Africa

Yonela picMeet Yonela:
Yonela Panziso dreams of qualifying as a social worker one day. She has always loved connecting with and helping people and can be found most weekends out in her community, doing good deeds for someone. “I have learned to be grateful for everything I have. Here at DreamWorker we get to hear so many sad stories of people struggling with their lives. I don’t have full time work myself, but at least I can learn and volunteer, while earning a small stipend. I tell others that no matter the situation, to always do their best. To forgive others. And to accept themselves. I am very excited to be at DreamWorker for the next 9 months and I hope to really make a difference as well as to learn a whole range of new skills!”
Meet Bantu:
Bantu Qaba has a long term dream of becoming a chef. Owing to financial issues, he cannot fulfil that dream just yet, so he decided that he would lend a hand at DreamWorker and enjoy making a contribution towards bettering the lives of others.

“I am so enjoying this experience. Whether I am working with food, playing around with recipes or whether I am trying my hand at new computer skills, I do enjoy learning and being creative. The DreamTeam experience has been amazing. Having my own workspace, my own desk is also quite something. I live in a 3 bedroomed house, shared by 15 people, so you can imagine that having some peace and privacy is a real treat for me!”
Meet Yonelani:
Yonelani Maseti completed her 3rd year in Office Administration at the College of Cape Town before joining DreamWorker.

“What drew me to DreamWorker was not only the opportunity to help people, which always excites me, but also the opportunity to work in an office environment. I have studies home based care too, so I have a real desire to help others. At DreamWorker I can upgrade my computer skills, my admin skills and more. On the day I made a call to tell a candidate he had been accepted for a job as a shelfpacker, I really felt so much joy. His delight became my delight!”