working for the unemployed

What we do

What we do

1. DreamWorker is a community based, non profit organization, set up to help the unemployed find work.

2. We do our very best to match potential employee and employer. This we do through personal interviews with every applicant, taking care to extract the best qualities of each candidate.

3. We reference check our employees, keep copies of ID books and all important documents, such as Grade 12 certificates, references and CV’s on file.

4. We take time to mentor each applicant, stressing the importance of good references, how to prepare CV’s, communicating with employers etc. In a nutshell, we try to prepare them for a better working relationship.

5. We help them identify skills that have been dormant for a while or areas of potential training that would greatly increase their chances of finding employment.

6. All this is done at no cost to either employer or employee. Ours is truly a community service, servicing both those who are seeking employment and those seeking to employ.

7. In summary, we inspire, encourage, give renewed hope and do our very best to find employment for the unemployed.