working for the unemployed

Tricia completes her circle of love

aitchie_tima_esauWhen Tricia Esau was just 13 years old, her mother and father died and Auntie Tima (Fatima) next door stepped in to love and guide young Tricia. Today, Auntie Tima (75), her husband Boeta Aitchie (79) and his 90 year old brother are in return loved and cared for by Tricia and Andrew. Tricia has been cleaning, cooking, shopping and caring for the old folks for so long and Link of Love felt it was time for her to receive a few Rand for her absolute dedication and hard work. “I don’t know what I would have done without Auntie Tima” says Tricia, with tears in her eyes. “Me neither” says Auntie Tima, gently taking her hand. A real “link of love!”