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New help for a New Year


Principal Lynch and Tania Sisam

Lotus High School in Grassy Park is delighted to be the newest school to join DreamWorker’s  Link of Love programme. With only 24% of school fees paid as at November 2013, Principal Lynch is very keen to have parents sign up and work at the school as part of the Parents Working for School fees initiative.

He is desperately needing help with security at the school and especially someone to control access via the front gate. “I really want the parents in this area to realise we are a safe school. We have recently had a fence built around the entire property. But our children are always vulnerable to drug peddlers.

Our school has a turmoiled history. We began in the late 70’s as Parkwood High, but the school was consistently vandalised by gangs. In 1998 we

Lotus High School

Lotus High School

moved here to de Wet Road. We are working on creating a school that we can be truly proud of in every sense. We have highly experienced and long serving teachers at Lotus High, who really want to make a difference in the lives of the children. We all need to give a clear and strong message to the drug peddlers and vandals – Lotus High school is totally out of bounds…….. so keep out!

Lotus High School

Lotus High School

By employing a parent through Link of Love to be our watchful eye, we will certainly make that happen!”