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Fundiswa and her fans Fundiswa

Fundiswa  Bulu started work as a tea lady at MEC Global in September 2011 and really loves her job. She had been unemployed from June 2010, so finding work was a blessing. But what was even more of a blessing was the wonderful environment she found herself in.

“I started as a tea lady but now I am also doing relief switchboard, welcoming visitors to the boardroom and more. MEC is a very busy media agency and I get to meet so many varied and interesting people every day. I am learning new things, being given more responsibility and I have the most wonderful people  to work with!”

Fundi is clearly equally loved by her work colleagues. To quote a few……

 Fundi has become a real friend to me – we tease each other, make each other laugh and care about each other’s lives.  Fundi has a fantastic work ethic, and always does everything with a genuine smile. She’s just a wonderful warm woman, with so much to offer, and we are very lucky to have her as part of our MEC team.

 Fundi is one of the most caring, friendly, helpful, funny, beautiful people I know. Her sunny personality sets the tone for the entire office – it is always such a pleasure coming to work when she is around.

No matter how big the pile of dishes in the sink you can always count on Fundi to have a beautiful smile and her bubbly positive attitude – it always makes my day just a little bit better.

Fundi adds “Without DreamWorker I would probably still be at home, unemployed. Now I can contribute to the household costs and my life is easier all round. I feel secure and joyful every day…..and I bring that joy with me into the workplace. I really was the lucky one!”