working for the unemployed

Holding their Heads… and Hands High!

Tania Sisam, who heads up our FieldWorker team, has been closely involved with AVA (Action Volunteers Africa)  for some time. We are delighted to welcome a group of young men into our organisation for the next few months.

Volunters Shodiq Jardien, Muneeb Johnson and Allistair Nocanda

Volunters Shodiq Jardien, Muneeb Johnson and Allistair Nocanda

AVA is an organisation that sets young volunteers up to work in various organisations and NGO’s. They are paid a small daily stipend. The volunteers are allowed to choose the places they prefer to work and the idea is to build work experience, to get a “feel” for future career paths and to be awarded a good reference at the end of the period. In this way, AVA encourages the youth to become involved citizens, taking responsibility for their own development.

AVA, together with the Department of Community and Safety has launched a trial project with graduates from the Chrysalis Academy. Volunteering will provide a “bridge” into the world of work for these young people.

Chrysalis Academy takes young people who have been in a place of personal struggle, through a very stringent programme. They work with the “whole being” and cover emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. Integrating young people into the healing power of nature plays a very strong role. As does taking responsibility for one’s life, learning about teamwork and more.

DreamWorker has been most blessed to enjoy some much needed administrative help from these inspiring young volunteers.

We welcome you all to our DreamTeam and thank you for your sincere contribution towards helping the unemployed.

We wish you the wings to fly as high as your dreams will permit!

In their own words….. humbling indeed.

Shodiq Jardien

Shodiq Jardien

Shodiq proudly wearing his AVA T-shirt – May 2014

“I’ve been in places it feels as though the world will never open to me.  No job, dropped out, no finances, nothing to fall back on.  Fighting, head still above the water, but the tide pulling me away.

No more strength left to stand, future dimming, faith running low, pride just falling away.

It was just really hard to live.  I took the little that I had left in me, registered with DreamWorker as a candidate desperately seeking purpose in the form of employment. I swear I was about to take my final blow when Chrysalis Academy called to inform me of my successful application.

Having gone through Chrysalis I feel as if through the universe spoke when I found myself being placed at the other side of DreamWorker’s desk.

I truly met my blessing, because today I get to give hope to so many others!”

Muneeb Johnson

Muneeb Johnson

Muneeb Johnson

“I am really glad to be at DreamWorker.  It is a really great opportunity for me helping people finding work  It feels great to be part of something special.

Everyone at DreamWorker is so helpful, teaching me new things.  I have only been with DreamWorker for a month and a half but I’m enjoying every second of if it.

I know how it feels to be unemployed and helping other unemployed people to find work gives me a lot of joy.

I feel part of a very special family. Thank you for having me!”


Allistair Nocanda


Allistair Nocanda

“I was a troubled kid.  I was so close to putting myself in jail by doing wrong. I was breaking my mother’s heart. I needed to pick up the pieces of my life so I was sent to Chrysalis Academy to have a second chance. Chrysalis helped me get through a lot. And so is being at DreamWorker.

When I work at DreamWorker and help make dreams come true for other young people, it makes me feel like a real hero!”