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Glory’s Journey – Glory Baleni

gloryGlory Baleni is 25 years old, with a 4 year old daughter. Until recently, she was staying with her sister who supported her financially as she was unemployed. Glory’s dream was to become a Driver or Call Centre Operator, but after obtaining her Code 10 Driver’s license (that is to drive a TRUCK!) she was unable to find employment. She heard of DreamWorker and went to register in the Somerset West office, where Busi and Nombulelo assisted her to find work. She was appointed at Mugg & Bean in Stellenbosch Square, where she quickly moved from the Sandwich to the Salad Section (a more difficult section) due to her willingness to learn. She loves her job and the friendships she has made with her new colleagues.

In asking her what she learnt on her journey, her response was:

“Tell the other people to never give up, to always believe in themselves and what they are capable of, to make sure they follow up on potential jobs at the DreamWorker Office and to spread the word about the difference DreamWorker has made in their lives. I learnt that through staying positive and holding onto my Dream, my experience has made me stronger. Finding employment has really changed my life for the better. Γö¼├íI can now buy everything I need and save money for my daughter. My dream is that she will go to an English School where she can learn to speak the language of the business world. I don’t want her to suffer like I did. Now I can give her opportunities I never had. Thank you DreamWorker Somerset West for changing my life! I will never forget about that.”