working for the unemployed

Boeta Cassiem receives some love and care

cassim_burgherAsa Brink was delighted to be able to help double amputee Boeta Cassiem. She cleaned his home, washed the windows and even cleared the cigarette toppertjies from his front porch! Boeta beamed as he shared some of his story with the DreamWorker team. ” I qualified as a nurse and had the opportunity to go overseas and work in St Stephen’s Hospital. In 1976, when my country was in turmoil, I knew I needed to come home.”

signBoeta has lived in Hanover Park for 42 years and despite being completely wheelchair bound, he is an active volunteer in the community. He is a commissioner of oaths, a primary healthcare advisor and registers births and deaths in the area. He counsels young and old, prepares bodies at the hospital to be laid out and even embalms the bodies of refugees ready to send back home. An extraordinary man, who despite his own disability is still working every day in his community. All free of charge!

“My dream is to keep helping people until the day I die” he says. And his advice to the youth:”no matter how poor you are, if you have respect, you have everything”.  What a pleasure it was for DreamWorker to be able to give something back to this wonderful man via the Link of Love programme.