working for the unemployed

Abubakar’s garden of hope

bassier_avontuurWhen Abubakar’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, his world turned upside down. As she became progressively more and more ill, he spent more and more time nursing her in their tiny council flat. Eventually, he lost his job owing to high absenteeism. This year alone he has taken her to Groote Schuur hospital no less than 42 times!

soccerAbubakar has spent the past few weeks cleaning up a tiny patch of ground and trying to turn it into a garden for the elderly people of Hanover Park to sit in on a sunny day. Squash plants, carrots, potatoes grow between slips of geranium and gazania daisies. His friend Shahieng, has been unemployed for 3 years and spends his days running errands to the shops for the elderly. “You need endless patience” he beams. “You no sooner get back with the bread than they ask you to go and fetch some milk!” He too has been helping create this little garden of peace. Link of Love was able to give them a small donation for the wonderful work they have been doing in the community. “I dream of getting some plants donated and tools too so that we can really make a lovely garden here” says Abubakar. “This is the only patch of green for the old people. It’s just concrete everywhere.” With his level of enthusiasm, it is bound to happen soon!