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A Very Happy Birthday for Tandi

tandiTandi Honono’s greatest asset is her enormous smile and open hearted presence. This beautiful woman absolutely beams love! So when the TB/HIV Care Association was looking for a tea lady and office cleaner, someone with a gentle, caring, sunny personality…. well Tandi fitted the profile perfectly. When Tandi arrived at DreamWorker she was close to frantic, having been unemployed for a over a year, with 4 children to support.

Today the story is very different. “I am so, so happy here at TB/HIV: she grinned as we took her photo for the story. “It is my birthday and this job is still the best birthday present ever. Having work again has changed my life. When I had no money I was even shy to go to church. But now I stand proud. And here at work, they are my family. When my tooth was sore they even took me to their dentist. Every day I try to make everyone happy. So I sing and I smile for the people here and sometimes I even dance. I can move you know! DreamWorker will always be close to me. They are a very big gift to me and everyone who is suffering. I want to say a very big thank you to everyone at DreamWorker.”

And of course Tandi served the finest cup of tea ever…. with the biggest birthday smile ever!

tandi-serving-tea tandi-honono-with-employer-sarah-mullin-at-tb-hiv-care-association