working for the unemployed

A nursery for “green” babies

Michael-Dasa-with-his-propagated-seedlings-July-2012When Michael Dasa arrived at DreamWorker about a year and a half ago, he had been unemployed for some 2 years, surviving on the odd gardening job to keep food on his table. As soon as he heard about DreamWorker he headed for Athlone. Michael’s wonderful track record with several large commercial gardening companies, ensured he was soon put to task as an ad hoc gardener. But he was ideally looking for full time employment, so when NCC Environmental Services approached DreamWorker for an excellent gardener to join their team, Michael was top of the list!

Today Michael is working at the NCC Nursery in Capricorn Park, propagating slips and seedlings to “green” the entire area.

“When I started here they had to buy some of the indigenous plants” he beams, “but now I am able to grow any kind of indigenous plant from seed or slip.” He proudly takes us to the fine mist area where the “babies” are being nurtured, then shows us how the plants are bagged in a semi covered area before being put out into the full sun and prepared for a life of harsh summer conditions, from blazing heat to gale force South Easters!

michael-dasa-in-the-misting-room-tending-his-seedlings-july-2012Michael loves working outdoors and alone. He knows exactly what is required at Capricorn Park and is prouder than proud when his tiny seedlings are transplanted into a stretch of open parkland. Michael has also managed to obtain additional, private gardening work every second Saturday. “If anyone reading your newsletter is looking for a fantastic gardener on alternate Saturdays, I am the man!” he adds, while proudly doffing his new DreamWorker cap.

“DreamWorker has helped me so much. I am learning and growing here at NCC (just like my plants!). One day I hope to have my own plant business. People who are unemployed need hope, need someone to tell them not to give up, that it will all be okay in the end. DreamWorker does that. Thank you guys. I am really grateful!”