Other Useful Contacts

  1. Questions regarding UIF and other labour issues: www.labour.gov.za,www.mywage.co.za
  2. Assistance for unemployed youth: www.youthportal.org.za
  3. Career Planet – career advice: www.careerplanet.co.za
  4. Entrepreneurial assistance: www.thebusinessplace.co.za
  5. Safety tips when going for an interview: www.ngopulse.org/blogs/safety-skills-youth-job-seekers
  6. Entrepreneurial and work opportunities:  www.theclothingbank.org.za
  7. Work opportunities (PE based):  www.thehopefactory.co.za
  8. Skills training:  www.skillsvillage.co.za
  9. Entrepreneurial training:  www.epicsolutions.org.za
  10. Entrepreneurial training:  www.flyingkites.co.za
  11. Skills development and worker readiness programmes:  www.zanokhanyo.co.za
  12. Entrepreneurial support:  www.shandukablackumbrellas.org
  13. Tertiary graduate training/scholarships:  www.tsiba.org.za
  14. NYDA: National Youth Development Agency youth support and mentoring www.nyda.gov.za
  15. Khulisa: Youth development and mentoring www.khulisa.org.za
  16. Youth training and work opportunities, Cape Town: www.youngpeopleatwork.weebly.com
  17. Training and work opportunities using social media: www.rlabs.org
  18. Worker readiness and entrepreneurship training: www.learntoearn.org.za
  19. The Carpenter’s Shop – Hands on carpentry & auto valet training  www.thecarpentersshop.org.za

DreamWorker is connected to many other NGOs and
Government sectors geared towards helping the unemployed