Welcome to DreamWorker!


Our current vision is to get as many people as possible into employment in the Cape Metropole.

Our long term vision is to expand the DreamWorker model right across South Africa.

We rely entirely on grant funding and donations from satisfied employers and corporate donors. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible as we are a PBO.

Most importantly, our employees take home every cent they earn – no commission and no charges!

Dreaming Big!

Considering that DreamWorker was only launched in October 2008, our growth to date has been beyond expectation. To share some wonderful statistics with you, DreamWorker has:

  • Interviewed, registered, supported, empowered and inspired over 20 000 unemployed people and continues to engage with an additional 2 000 people per year.
  • Facilitated over 2,3 million days of work for people in the domestic, business, retail, food and industrial sectors.
  • Generated over R300 million worth of wages for the previously unemployed!
  • Our cost to impact ratio is over 1,200%!

Our subsidiary programme, Link of Love, has been raising funds separately, to allow unemployed people to work in the community (R100 a day).

  • Since its inception, Link of Love has raised enough money to facilitate 3 775 days of paid community work.
  • This has resulted in R377 500 being put into the hands of the unemployed!
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(last updated: 25 August 2015)
PBO: 930-031522 | NPO: 081-948-NPO | BEE Level 4
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Happy pamphlet distributors – they may look unemployed but they are NOT!